In face-to-face dealing with customers in your business your job is to introduce yourself and ideally gain their trust. But with a website how do you differentiate yourself from the millions of websites out there and show that you’re the ‘real deal?’ At engagedICT we use the following standards when building your site to create a beautifully crafted site that looks trustworthy and professional.

Clean, simple design

First impressions make a big difference when we talk about trusting a website. In research from Google on website visitor behavior, they found that people make split-second decisions about whether or not a website is “right” for them. No surprise there. But what is a bit surprising is how people make this decision. Google found that people were most influenced by two design factors: “visual complexity” and “prototypicality.” In other words, people liked designs that were simple and familiar—that “fit” with what they were expecting to see.

A website that doesn’t look like what people are expecting is like a musical note played off key. It creates a little bit of dissonance that makes people more skeptical. That’s why we really get to know your business and customers, so that the website we build for you is what they expect to see when they come to your site.